Why are you going to Fail?

- 1 分钟前

1. You are not goint to do it.

No matter how many times people tell you, “If you want a great career, you have to pursue your passion, you have to pursue the greatest fascination in your life”, you still look at it and decide not to do it. You’re afraid if you look for your passion and you will look ridiculous.

2. You will have invented a new excuse.

In spite of excuses, you will find your passion. But you are not going to do it, You will have invented any excuse to fail to take action, and this excuse you are saying many times. “Yes, I would pursue a great career, but I’m not a genius, I’m not wired.”

3. Value human relationships more than accomplishment

Do you really want to use your family, your spouse and your fiends as your jailers? Great friends, great spouse, great parent, great career. Is that not a package? How can you be one without the other? But you are afraid.

“Unless” – the most evocative of all English words – is also attached to that other most terrifying phrase that “if only I had …”. If you ever have that thought ricocheting in your brain, it will hurt a lot.

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