The Surprising Habits of Original Ideas

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TED: The Surprising habits of original thinkers Here are some material I collected when watch TED or other experience for writing of English Examination. Note: It is recommended to watch video synchronously while reading.

Originals are nonconformists, people why not only have new ideas but take action to champion them.They are people who stand out and speak up, They are the people you want to bet on, and they looking nothing like we excepted.

Three characteristic about recognizing originals:

The first reason that we passed on originals was they were really show getting off the ground. Now, We are all intimately familiar with the mind of a procrastinator. The data show that the moderate procrastinator are 16 percent more creative the other people. Procrastinating is a vice when it comes to productivity, but it can be a virtue for creativity.

A classic study of over 50 product categories, comparing the first marker with the improvers. The first movers had a failure rate of 47 percent, compared with only a percent for the improvers. Facebook, waiting to build a social network until after Myspace and Friendster; Google, waiting for years after Altavista and Yahoo. It much easier to improve on somebody else idea than it is to create something new from scratch. To be original, you don’t have to be first, You just have to be different and better.

The originals were also full of doubts:

How the creative process works for most of us:

  1. This is awesome.
  2. This is tricky.
  3. This is crap.
  4. I am crap.
  5. This might be ok.
  6. This is awesome.

To kept to being original is just a simple thing of avoiding the leap from step three to step four that instead of “The first few drafts are always crap, I’m just not there yet.”

Every originals seems like a bad ideas at the beginning.If we look cross fields, the greatest originals are the ones who fail the most because they’re the ones who try the most.

Sometimes It’s not in spite of those qualities but because of them that they succeed. So When you see these things, please write them off, don’t count yourself out either. Know that being quick to start but slow to finish can boost your creativity that you can motivate yourself by doubting your ideas and embracing the fear of falling to try, and that you need a lot of bad ideas in order to get a few good ones.

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